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Feb 14th 2014

She is all pore filled and prepped ready for spraying

Feb 20th 2014

I have the body sprayed. I still have another day with the neck. After the first day of spraying, I found a small but noticeable area that somehow I had left without zpoxy, a sand through, so it was lighter than it should be. I scraped all of the finish off and have been re-spraying it. Looks good now.

16 coats (leveling at 4, leveling and drop filling at 8 and 12 finished with 4 coats. All sprayed as close to 3-4 mills wet as I could spray.)

The top is 10 coats total (leveling at 4, leveling and drop filling at 8 finished with 2 coats.)

Feb 20th 2014 - Waiting for the finish to cure

I find waiting for the finish to cure the hardest time during a project. I need to wait until Wednesday before I can start to buff out the body and Thursday before I can buff out the neck. Luckily I was able to buff out the head stock veneer as it has been sitting a week.

While waiting I also bolted on the neck to verify that the neck angle was still good. I set the bridge and pick guard on top so I can have a preview.

With Flash

No Flash

The real look is somewhere in between.

Feb 26th 2014 - Waiting for the finish to cure

I have waited long enough I will start sanding and buffing tomorrow. While I waited I did fret the neck, added the position markers and roughed out a nut.

Once buffed out I still need to place the bridge. I waited until the end on this guitar. I will slot the bridge while on the guitar. (living dangerously) I have filled and reslotted a bridge on an older guitar that needed a neck reset.

Feb 27th 2014 - All buffed out

All buffer out, ready to start on the bridge.

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