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nov 7th 2011

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i have been waiting for me new shop to be finished before i got going on this guitar, but the shop still has a couple of weeks. so i started this project in my garage. you will see in the pictures that i was able to use my new handy lmi plat gluing jig to glue my top and back plates together. i made a rosette from some spalted veneer i had from a mystery pack of rosette wood that i have. it was progressing nicely until i tried to fill in the purflex purflings with black epoxy, before i sealed the end grain of the redwood. it is still too early to show that picture. lets just say i have some nice wood for a ukulele top that i can salvage.

i went ahead and bent the sides with my blues creek guitar bender. that all went well the sides were thinned to a bit over .09" before bending.

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feeling bad about the lost top, i went to my local rocklier store and found a chunk of amboyna burl to use for the rosette and possibly a head stock veneer. i resawed a couple a pieces of veneer, sanded them level and then glued them together book matched. it looks like i can get a cool rosette from it.

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nov 8th 2011

i put together a cedar top at least that is what it smells like. i have three sets. it is perfectly quartersawn and it has the most glass\bell like tap tone i have heard. i think i bought this at gal auction this summer. (i should keep notes!) it will be interesting to hear what it sounds like on a guitar.

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