quilted mahogany tenor ukulele build blog:


febuary 14th 2015

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early last year i purchased a grab bag of ukulele sets from a luthier getting out of ukuleles. i got 10 sets mixed of tenor, concert and soprano sizes. all of the plates were joined and loosely profiled. the first ukulele i am building out of this set is a tenor all quilted mahogany ukulele for a friend that picked the set out of that stash.

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the sides were profiled for a thinner ukulele than i make (i use the martin tapered back dimensions so i took care in bending the sides and i installed the linings proud on the top and the back so that i could make the ukulele the size i wanted. i am following the template from a peter howlett ukulele i made from plans i purchased from him. it has a narrower upper bout than a martin; the preprofiled top\back fit this template.

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i had a bunch of fancy flexable a4 ukulele size kerflings and installed it a bit proud so that i could have the right depth after profiling the rims. ultimately the missing sides would have been routed out any way for the bindings.

the rosette was a simple herringbone trip that i bent on a pipe and installed. sorry no picture of the routing.

i sanded the top flat and profiled the back with a 15' radius dish. i braced the top and the back in my go-bar dish and got everything ready to close the guitar.

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whoops, i do not want to forget the end wedge. here is a stupid ip that everyone probable knows (but i just started doing): when using a ruler a marking device put some sandpaper on the bottom to help the ruler stay in place.

while waiting for the glue to cure i rough profiled the neck.

my ebony end graft:

from here i routed the rims for the transverse braced and closed the box.

a little rework and configuration to turn my guitar cradle into a ukulele cradle.

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not pictured but i routed out the channels for the bindings. the back will just have ebony bindings and the top will have the bindings, a maple and a black fiber strip.

i have the bindings fitted but not glued in yet.

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i finished the day cutting the slots and profiling the fret board and profiling the neck.

febuary 16th 2015

thank you all. i usually do not use ca to glue in the bindings but have seen a bunch of builds where people do. so i went ahead and used thin ca. before i did any gluing i did the best i could with tape to get the bindings fitting the way i wanted them. then i only put a small amount of ca in between the tape. i worked slowly making sure that each place i glued was in its proper position. there were a few areas where i used clamps to get the bindings in. i clamped before gluing. when the glue cured i removed the tape and ran more ca along the bindings.

i decided to add a figured back strap to the head stock.

from luthiers supplies i bought a bunch of neck profile tools including a handy one for a tenor ukulele. i used the shape at the nut and the 10th fret to figure out good facets to cut. i used a spoke shave where i could and a rasp in the tight areas to cut the facet. not shown but i drew out some secondary facets and cut those. from there i just used the template to guide my carving.

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